Florence Walking Tours: Architecture, Urban Landscapes, and Cultural Heritage

We offer private and customized walking tours of the city of Florence and Tuscany for small groups, families, and solo travellers.

The Genius of Michelangelo Private Tour (3 hrs)
Michelangelo, sculptor, architect, poet, and “reluctant painter” began his celebrated life in Renaissance Florence. Our private walking tour traces the life and genius of Michelangelo from his birth in the small Tuscan town of Caprese near Arezzo, his early years in the studio of Ghirlandaio and the courtyard of Lorenzo di Medici, to his magnificent Medici Chapel where sculpture and architecture unite, culminating with his works in the Accademia, his masterpiece David and his studies for the ‘slaves’ intended for the tomb of Julius II.

Architecture of Brunelleschi’s Dome: Florence Private Walking Tour (3 hrs)
Brunelleschi’s Dome which crowns Florence’s Cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, has graced the city of Florence and the Tuscan countryside for 600 years. Our private walking tour of Brunelleschi traces his life and work in Florence from his early years as an apprentice in the goldsmith guild to his first built project, the famous ‘ospedale degli innocenti’ representing the beginning of the Renaissance in architecture, to his ‘old sacristy’ in the Basilica of San Lorenzo built for the Medici, and which lays out his formula for Renaissance architecture, culminating with his celebrated masterpiece the Dome of the Cathedral. We continue our discussion on Brunelleschi and the building of the Dome in Florence’s new and acclaimed Museo Dell’Opera Del Duomo, which provides us with an exceptional opportunity to discuss the construction of the Dome through wood models and to see first hand the building and construction artefacts used.

Oltrarno and Its Artisans: The ‘Left’ Bank of Florence Private Tour (2 hrs)
The Oltrarno and its artisans: since the 13th century the artisans of Florence have played a major role in the cultural heritage of the City. Many of the artisans today, who live and work on the ‘left bank’ of the Arno river known as the Oltrarno, practice the medieval and renaissance traditions of illuminated manuscripts, marbled hand-made papers, book binding, gold-gilding, enamel works, fresco workshops, as well as the crafting of fine leather hand-made shoes and accessories. The winding Medieval streets are also home to some of the city’s most famous antique shops.

The Architecture and Piazzas of Florence Private Tour (3 hrs)

Our walking tour of the architecture and piazzas of Florence takes us through the famous historic piazzas and neighbourhoods (borgos) of the Medieval and Renaissance city; Santa Spirito, Santa Croce, Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza del Duomo, and Piazza della Repubblica.

Early communities of Florence, ‘borgos’ (neighbourhoods), flourished outside the city walls clustered around a church. The surrounding streets and urban spaces became vibrant dynamic sites of market places, festivals, and artisan shops. The spirit of these early Medieval squares and Renaissance piazzas still continues today, each with its own distinctive characteristics and sense of community.

The Architectural Works of Michelangelo in Florence Private Tour (4 hours)

The genius of Michelangelo’s architectural works lies in the fact that he was first and foremost a sculptor. He brings to his architectural works the sensitivity of the interplay of light and shadow.
We begin our private tour of the architectural works of Michelangelo at the Casa Buonarroti with his formative years, discussing his early influences and sculptural techniques. We discuss his model for the competition for the new Renaissance facade of the Basilcia of San Lorenzo and his design for the ‘New Sacristy’ known as the Medici Chapel where he unites sculpture and architecture within one harmonious space. We culminate our tour with a visit to one of his most notable and elegant architectural accomplishments, the Laurenziana Library.

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