Ostia Antica: Architecture, Urban History, Cultural History

Our Ostia Antica half day private walking tour provides an exceptional window into the daily lives of the early Romans and culturally diverse citizens of the ancient port city of Ostia. We take a commuter train from Rome to the archaeological site located 30 kms from the city (a 20 minute journey).

The ancient port was strategically located at the mouth of the Tiber river where the river meets the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s history spans close to 900 years from 4th century BCE when it was a military outpost to a thriving port of business and trade during Republican times, to a site of luxury villas hugging the coastline during the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian. Today, we can still witness the surviving architectural structures, including the public baths, ancient theatre, forum, taverna, apartment complexes, houses, luxurious garden apartments, and possibly the most extensive representation of diverse religions in one settlement. Ostia Antica is famous for its baths (termae) and in situ floor mosaics.

Architecture of Rome (3 1/2 hrs)

Rome Architecture walking tour is designed as an introduction to the architectural highlights of the city, spanning some 2800 years from the ancient monuments to the Medieval streets, to the Renaissance palaces and piazzas, and the theatrical urban spaces of the Baroque.

Subterranean Rome (3 1/2 hrs)

Subterranean Rome walking tour is for those passionate about antiquity. We will delve 15 to 30 ft below the modern day city of Rome to witness the hidden layers of the ancient city – including 1st and 2nd century AD houses, apartment buildings, streets, and passageways. As part of our walking tour we visit one of the most significant ongoing archaeological excavations of the city, also one of the city of Rome’s best kept secrets, revealing urban structures and artifacts from early to late antiquity.

Rome Contemporary Architecture (3 1/2 hrs)

Rome Contemporary Architecture walking tour features the new architectural projects of the city over the last decade, which have changed the urban landscape of the city of Rome. This walking tour celebrates the work of contemporary architects and their designs – Richard Meier’s modern museum for the Ara Pacis, Renzo Piano’s new music complex, Zaha Hadid’s Maxxi Museum of 21st century Contemporary Arts, and the elegant pedestrian bridge, Ponte della Musica designed by engineer Buro Happold.

Early History of Rome: The Ancient and Medieval City (3 hrs)

Peeling back the numerous layers of the historic city of Rome, the Early Rome walking tour leads us from a strategic vantage point overlooking the Roman Forum, past ancient temples, theatres, along pathways, through narrow winding medieval streets, culminating at the Emperor Hadrian’s Pantheon, one of the most remarkable surviving structures of antiquity.

Michelangelo’s Rome Architecture (3 hrs)

Michelangelo Rome Architecture walking tour traces the exceptional works of the Renaissance master focusing on the genius of Michelangelo as both architect and urban designer. Featured in this walk is Michelangelo’s design for the Piazza Campidoglio, interventions and modifications to the Palazzo Farnese, and his elegant design for the façade and dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.