Rome Heritage Walking Tours

Walking Tours of the City of Rome: Architecture, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage

We specialise in private, customised, small group walking tours of the City of Rome, ideal for families and solo travellers (3 to 4 hours)

Early History of Rome Tour (the Ancient and Medieval City) (3 hrs)

Peeling back the numerous layers of the historic city of Rome, our walking tour leads us from a strategic vantage point overlooking the Roman Forum, past ancient temples, theatres, along pathways, through narrow winding medieval streets, culminating at the Emperor Hadrian’s Pantheon, one of the most remarkable surviving structures of antiquity.


Our walking tours are designed as narratives to peel back the layers of the rich cultural heritage of the City.

Beneath the City of Rome Tour (3 1/2 hrs)

Beneath the City of Rome walking tour is for those passionate about antiquity. We will delve 15 to 30 ft below the modern day city of Rome to witness the hidden layers of the ancient city – including 1st and 2nd century A.D. houses, apartment buildings, streets, and passageways. As part of our walking tour we visit one of the most important ongoing archaeological excavations of the city, also one of the city of Rome’s best kept secrets, revealing urban structures and artifacts from early to late antiquity.
Rome Architecture Walking Tour (3 1/2 hrs)

Rome Architecture walking tour is designed as an introduction to the architectural highlights of the city, spanning some 2800 years from the ancient monuments to the Medieval streets, Renaissance palaces and piazzas, the theatrical urban spaces of the Baroque, to the most recent modern additions to the city.

Rome Contemporary Architecture Tour
In the last decade, Rome has become home to a number of new architectural projects, changing the urban landscape of the city. This walking tour features such celebrated architects and their designs as Richard Meier’s modern museum for the Ara Pacis, Renzo Piano’s new music complex in the northern part of the city, Zaha Hadid’s Maxxi Museum of 21st Contemporary Arts, and the elegant pedestrian bridge, Ponte della Musica by engineer Buro Happold.

Michelangelo Rome Tour
Our Michelangelo in Rome walking tour traces the exceptional works of the Renaissance master focusing on the genius of Michelangelo as sculptor, architect, urban designer, reluctant painter, and poet from his famous piazza, to palaces, churches, including St. Peter’s Basilica.

Our private, customized walking tours are designed for small groups for a more immersive experience.

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Tours for Traveller’s with Limited Mobility and Wheelchairs

We believe that heritage sites should be accessible to everyone. In keeping with this philosophy, we have designed walking tours for traveller’s with limited mobility and wheelchairs. Contact us for further information.

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Guided Walking Tours Outside of Rome

Ostia Antica Private Tour from Rome for Small Groups, Families, and Solo Travellers 5 hrs
Our Ostia Antica tour with an expert in architecture and archaeology provides an exceptional window into the daily lives of the early Romans. We take a small regional train from Rome to the archaeological site located 30 kms from the city (a 20 minute journey). Ostia Antica was first a military outpost for Rome in 4thc BCE, becoming a thriving port city of business and trade during the Republican and Imperial eras. On this site, we can still witness the surviving artifacts, mosaics, and architectural structures of the public baths, ancient theatre, forum, tavernas, apartment complexes, houses, luxurious garden apartments, and representation of numerous diverse religions. For more …

Our Ostia Antica walking tours are designed for private and small groups, and ideal for families and solo travellers.
Prices available upon request.

Tivoli Private Day Tour from Rome, Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este
Our Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este walking tour begins in the morning with a private car from Rome to the archaeological site of Hadrian’s country estate; an ancient wonder. After a morning on the site we have lunch in a garden setting adjacent to Hadrian’s Villa and then continue by car to the nearby hilltop town of Tivoli where we visit the famous Renaissance gardens and fountains of the Villa d’Este designed by the architect Pirro Ligorio for Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este.

Hadrian’s Villa Private Tour, Tivoli
Discover Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli with an expert in architecture and archaeology. The country estate of the ancient Roman emperor Hadrian (c. 116/118-136/138 A.D.) is believed to be one of the largest archaeological sites in Europe covering more than 120 hectare, and since 1999 has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This magnificent estate located near Tivoli in the Tibertine hills represents a concept of ‘a way of living’ for an ideal city with over 100 buildings and structures terraced into the undulating topography and joined together through gardens and intricate systems of waterways. The buildings include a winter and summer palace, Greek and Latin libraries, large and small thermae (baths), palestra, temples, theatres, exedras, Piazza d’Oro (which was designed to inspire and awe), the private island retreat of the Emperor, and the Canopus, an elongated canal influenced by his trip along the Nile river.

The architectural elements used by Hadrian in his design of the buildings and structures as well as the landscape design continued to influence architects and designers through the Renaissance and the Baroque, and have continued to be a major influence in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Villa d’Este Private Tour, Tivoli
Discover Villa d’Este, Tivoli. Our private tour of the Villa d’Este may be given independently or as part of our visit to Hadrian’s Villa. The gardens and fountains of the Renaissance Villa d’Este were inspired by the ancient country estate of the Emperor Hadrian only 4 km away from Tivoli. Villa d’Este was a retreat away from Rome for Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este after a series of unsuccessful attempts to be Pope. Cardinal Ippolito engaged the Renaissance architect Pirro Ligorio to study the ancient site of the Emperor Hadrian, especially the systems of terraced gardens and connecting pools and fountains. The beautifully designed Villa d’Este and gardens became representative of Renaissance Humanist philosophy, places of retreat, intellectual exchanges, time for reflection.

Our guided tour of the Villa d’Este gardens at Tivoli is also available as part of our garden tour. See our Rome Garden Tour.

Our Tivoli walking tours are designed for private and small groups, and ideal for families and solo traveller’s.
Prices available upon request.

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