Client Testimonials

Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

“… The ever-present personal touch that elevates an experience from good to great.”

It had been many years since my husband Roger and I had travelled in Italy. We feel very lucky to have discovered Cultural Walking Tours and Diane.

The day trip to the Val D’Orcia was a great success in large part because, like all good teachers, Diane has a deep knowledge and passion for her subject, the culture of Italy, especially its architecture. Sharing that knowledge energizes her and the experience… our trip to the Val D’Orcia was just one of many memorable experiences that Diane arranged for us, all of which contributed to our unqualified satisfaction with Cultural Walking Tours of Italy.

Marjorie and Roger, Alberta, Canada, 2014

We took two different all day tours in Italy with Diane as our guide and enthusiastically recommend her for anyone considering a tour in Italy. She is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide who is passionate about the sites and clearly enjoyed sharing her vast knowledge of the history, archeologyand architecture of each site that we visited. Equally as impressive is the fact that Diane is so warm and personable that was easy to feel like we were spending the day with a dear friend instead of someone we had met only hours earlier.

Kelly and Barbara, California, 2012

Diane’s knowledge and expertise of the architecture and history of this period was remarkable. She made the visit an exciting adventure of the cultural heritage of Italy. Diane’s easy going narrative made us feel immersed in urban history and left us feeling that we finally understand the culture of these magnificent people.

David and Susan, BC, Canada, 2012



Three of us took what turned out to be a private tour with Diane of Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este. Both places are exceptional and Diane’s deep knowledge of both places as well as the time periods and cultural context made a HUGE difference. This day was truly a highlight of our trip.


Happy to have led walking tours for Context Travel for many years. Sharing client’s accolades …



  • … Really, What a day! Here words fail me. Diane is a marvel all alone. Her experience, knowledge, interest and kindness were appreciated by all of us. We saw so much and she gave of herself to enhance our time. We could easily have stayed longer at each site.

  • Both the Tivoli sights and Diane were amazing! Diane, is an EXPERT on Hadrian and the relationship between ancient Roman architecture and the Renaissance, and thus was a vast reservoir of information. She encouraged questions and carefully provided us with answers. I also loved that she wasn’t afraid to say when she didn’t know the answer (which was rare)! She took the time to learn about each person’s interest and pointed out things that she thought might be of particular interest to us. It was great to start with Hadrian’s Villa because, through Diane’s guidance, that experience helped us to better understand the relationship between the two locations. Thanks again for such a wonderful tour.

  • Really loved the tour to Tivoli. It was nice change from the hectic pace in Rome. We loved our guide, Diane, so personable and passionate about sharing her knowledge. we had a special connection with her as she had been our guide in Florence for the Introduction to Florence tour. Really great tour!



Amazing docent. Could have spent our whole trip with her.

We feel extremely fortunate to have been with Diane for our Michelangelo tour in Florence.
The tour with Diane is reason enough to return to Florence. She is a true scholar. Thank you!

Diane is a perfect docent for this walk. Brilliant, personable and deeply knowledgeable about the relationships among architecture, art and history.

Diana was very, very good! It was really interesting to get an architect’s viewpoint and knowledge after several art historians. Diana was very good at keeping the entire group engaged and not exhausted. She was as knowledgeable about the area of Florence that we were walking through as she was about the subject we came to learn about. Excellent docent!

Diane was lovely as a docent. It was obvious she knew what she was presenting, and loved her enthusiasm. She answered all of our questions with a depth and thoroughness that was great to see. I loved her passion about Brunelleschi. Her architect background gave her insights that really came through. It was a wonderful tour.



Underground Rome

  • This is a tour you want to be really cool, and really informative, and really surprising. It was!

  • Diane was well prepared and very informative and it was obvious that she is an expert in her field. The tour was remarkable. she got us in to see a site that was currently being excavated which was a bonus.

  • Our experience was a 10! LOVED the underground tour!! Learned a ton and were able to visit very new excavations at the monastery!


Ostia Antica

  • What a great tour and a great guide! At the end of our trip, this tour really stood out as a great experience. The passion that the guide had for the field/site was contagious and really engaged our group. She also made it a point to learn a little about us and try to make the site come to life based on our interested. Great teacher, great tour!
  • Diane met us exactly where and when specified. She assisted with transportation on the train, making the process seamless. From the time we disembarked at Ostia Antica, we were transported into the time of the old city. With Diane’s approach, the ruins of the city came alive. Her descriptions of every type of building, purpose, construction, the daily life of the citizens from slave to ruler, was outlined in detail. This is very difficult to achieve without visual aids, but she did it easily. We would recommend Ostia Antica as a must-see site, and though an alternative to Pompeii, every bit as interesting and important in terms of Rome’s history and evolution. In 18 days we visited every major Roman museum, gallery and site, plus many minor ones. When friends ask about highlights, this tour is at the top.